Monday, September 12, 2016

Buying Tips For Ultrawide Monitor

Thanks to technology, we are now in a better living world full of innovation. Our computer, for instance, had been developed very much from years ago. Back to (rather) ancient time, we only have pentium computer as the choice, and not being able to choose the modest monitor.
Now, with much advancement, we have a new choice of monitor: ultrawide monitor. Judging by the name, it carries width as their offer. The aspect ratio it has is 29:1 or it is similar to what you have in movie theater.

Best Ultrawide Monitors

If you are not interested with the offers, now let us bring up some the best products of some company that released their ultrawide monitors. For years, we have known the record of some companies that run in technology. Names such as Dell, LG and Samsung are just some famous companies.

Now let us just begin the list. First we have Samsung S34E790C, which is a curved wide monitor. This is just awesome with its 34 inch display and curve, you can enjoy the new excitement of watching movies and video-gaming. Given the 6oHz refresh rate plus 4ms response time, we think this is the best.

The next is Dell Ultrasharp U3415W, with the bold look and many features. This monitor allows you to tilt and shift the facing angle just easily, giving you the best angle to watch. The color gamut and the contrast ratio will blow your mind, because the image quality will be superfine.

High Priced or Affordable one?

Speaking about pricing, one surely knows that you got what you paid for. If you are looking for high end monitors, the two choices above are the best. But those two is pricey, though. You can get Samsung S34E790C with $845 and $750 for Dell UltraSharp U3415W.

How about the affordable ones? You may want to consider LG 29UC97C that will cost you $489, this is a great price for a curved ultrawide with impressing features. Next to it, there is LG 29UM57-P with IPS monitor and is 29 inch. You can get this one with only $219.99. Ready to shake your wallet?